More than ten years ago, I began a movement practice that led me to incorporate the body in my projects. This practice continues today with an emphasis in anatomy, body geometry, breath, nutrition, health, nature and wellness.

The most recent performances have been in direct contact with nature, Body Geometry (Take Me to that Other Place); and Tide, a live performance in a gallery space about the relationship between gravity, the Moon and the Earth.

I’m currently working on an upcoming live performance about movement patterns of glaciers and icebergs.

On a daily basis – running, yoga, strength training, nutrition and gardening – all things that started as side activities in order to balance a hectic schedule – have become the focus of my practice and what influences my work and every day the most. I’ll be updating this website this year in order to merge it all.

My daily posts can be found at: art & life on Instagram. I don’t send many emails, but you may also join the email list to stay in touch. You may choose to receive emails related to art or wellness.

Stay healthy and see you around!


Body Geometry (Take Me To That Other Place), 2014