1) to prepare and use for the raising of crops; also: to loosen or break up the soil about (growing plants)

a) to foster the growth of — cultivate vegetables
b) culture — the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education
c) to improve by labor, care, or study: refine — cultivate the mind

3) further, encourage

4) to seek the society of: make friends with

Maybe is the cooler weather, but lately this fascinating word has kept me thinking about how we use our time. How do we cultivate creativity, health, love, community and all the other good qualities we want to see and experience?

I use a simple practice that works for me. Everyday, I try to dedicate a couple of minutes to do things that move me. Of course, I’m not always successful at it, but I happily write that most days I find a good balance between work and play. There are also special days when those dedicated minutes become hours…very special hours.

As with any process of growth, finding a practice that is uniquely yours takes time. But to me, the most important moment is when the idea is planted. Once the idea is definite and clear, nurturing happens naturally and gracefully.

For those lovers of books, language and life, here is a wonderful children’s book. The story and illustrations are beautiful. Happy nurturing!

De como nacio el amor (How love was born)
By Mrinali Alvarez Astacio
Published by La Editorial, Universidad de Puerto Rico

Desde los primeros tiempos, existe el día…
…y la noche.

Cuando el día se aleja a descansar,
la noche, vestida de estrellas, sale a pasear.

Y cada vez que se encuentra a la luna,
la invita a bailar.

Danza la luna en el cielo,
sobre las montañas y entre las estrellas.

Y el cielo se llena de danzas,
cada una diferente.

Baila nueva, baila llena,
a veces creciente, a veces menguante.

Tanto baila que siente el latir
de su corazón.

Y queda enamorada…
…de la vida.

Summary from publisher: The author uses a metaphorical story of love between the Sun and the Moon to explain the continuous cycle of night and day. The constant cycle is then presented as a passionate dance between two beings that love each other, and this in turn becomes the means to explain courtship to children. The author explains the origin of romantic love as something natural.

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