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It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s already October and chilly. September was — as always — a month full of new information, experiences, and goals. But although it was a busy month, this year September felt different, and I mean good different.

Among the many reasons I couldn’t find time to write is that I have been having longer, deeper runs. Yes, my usual 3-mile runs have matured into 6, 7 and lately 8 miles. Longer runs make me feel great and have me inspired and playing in the studio much more. I’m still thinking about it, but I may run a half-marathon next year. As you can see in the photo, I have an incredibly active trainer who keeps me on the move in running and non-running days.

As part of my job, I’ve been taking an interesting class and traveling around the city. I like that I’m spending more time meeting people, and visiting and learning about new places in the city. There are days that my commute is so long, but to see the positive side of it, at least I’m not in front of a computer all day.

At the beginning of the month, we traveled to Miami for the opening of Matthew’s two-person exhibition (with David E. Peterson) at Alejandra von Hartz Gallery. It’s nice how art takes you to places. Loved her gallery space and the exhibition (on view thru Oct. 30) has great energy and dialogue. The art world needs more galleries like hers. Alejandra has such a friendly and welcoming personality. Congratulations Matthew and David!

Staying in South Beach with a toddler was funny, but everyone was super friendly. Playing with sand and salty water is my kind of game so I guess we were in the right place. The beach colors and sand texture were so different to my Caribbean beaches, but absolutely beautiful as well. And let me not forget to mention the incredible Art Deco architecture. Wow!

Also, worth mentioning is an outdoor mural project called the Wynwood Walls at walking distance from Alejandra von Hartz Gallery. The walls were part of the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2009, but according to the website, the project will continue and “become an international street art museum.” Just a simple brilliant idea and a good example of how art has the power to create real change.

Adios good September. I welcome October and hope the good feeling continues through the entire fall season. Until soon…

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I am an artist, a runner, a yogi and a glowing new mom of an endearing baby boy living in New York City attempting to balance it all. My goal is to keep it simple and enjoy the process. art & life is where I share my experiences and hope to connect with people interested in art and the simple things in life.

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