Touch Me

Magical moments happen when…

After a long day
— first day of a tough class
— picked up my fast runner from daycare. I laugh when people ask me if he already walks. He runs and runs and runs…
— cooked a healthy dinner
— bathed, read and got the little runner happily in bed

Suddenly the final details for an upcoming performance/installation were very clear. And just like that the movements and colors played in my head like a beautiful movie.

I love those heavenly moments!

Sistine Chapel
ca. 1511

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I am an artist, a runner, a yogi and a glowing new mom of an endearing baby boy living in New York City attempting to balance it all. My goal is to keep it simple and enjoy the process. art & life is where I share my experiences and hope to connect with people interested in art and the simple things in life.

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