Crash into Me, 2007-2010

Crash into Me, 2007-2011
Site-specific installation at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY (2007)
Museo de Arte de Caguas (MUAC), Caguas, Puerto Rico (2010)
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR (2010)
Fluorescent orange and hot pink ribbons

In Crash into Me, my intention is to dynamically change the architecture of the space by using a simple material. The orange and pink ribbons are subtle, delicate and almost invisible like whispers. At the same time, they are impossible to miss because of where they are/were installed. The two columns, a basic architecture element, allow the two colored lines of ribbon to connect and become one.

Rossana Martinez’s piece is about harnessing the implied energy of separate architectural elements like two walls or columns so we used it to illustrate the opposing structural corners of the room. I love that piece, its a lot like love or a strong relationship… it’s about coming together in a very honest way that allows for integrity on both sides.

ArC: Art & Concept interview with Jeff Jahn, curator of M5, Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR, 2010.

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I am an artist, a runner, a yogi and a glowing new mom of an endearing baby boy living in New York City attempting to balance it all. My goal is to keep it simple and enjoy the process. art & life is where I share my experiences and hope to connect with people interested in art and the simple things in life.

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