Mateo_beachI’ve been trying to write for a month, but my pace lately has been so fast at work and at home. Have I mentioned that I have a 9-month old boy who wants to explore and play all day long? :)

The holiday season is a special time because I go to visit my family and my favorite beach at home. Although I have lots to write, my mind is already there. Ahh! I can feel the warm and salty water.

So…before I say goodbye until next year, I want to share one of my favorite blogs, And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman. I loved her last post entitled Back to the Land. She included this great quote by Cicero:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

I totally agree. Books and nature are simply wonderful. The rest is up to our creativity and imagination — that is what I want to teach my little explorer…

I wish you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with health, laughter and gratefulness. See you in 2010!

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